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PNA Ventures

Funding and Fostering Innovation​

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PNA VC Portfolio: Services

Current Portfolio Companies

PNA VC Portfolio: Clients

Propulso - Data Analytics

a B2B self-service web platform making it easy to tap into a wide range of ethical and ultra-precise data sources in order to conduct market research, deploy marketing campaigns or predict trends with AI


Saguaro - Med TECH Bio Tech

Enabling cell culture technologies for breakthrough discoveries.


BioIntelligence - CLEAN TECH

Creating the most compelling platform company for the BioIndustry by providing instant access to critical information and analytics so Biotech companies can maximize their performances


ChrysaLabs - Agri TECH

ChrysaLabs develops an accurate real-time soil fertility assessment solution for precision agriculture, enabling growers and agronomists to increase yields while optimizing the use of fertilizers.


Puzzle MD - MED TECH

Puzzle Medical Devices has developed a minimally invasive heart pump, the Modulheart, which provides low-risk cardiac support for high-risk patients. The Modulheart improves the quality of life of patients, while reducing hospitalizations.


Haleo Clinic - MED TECH

HALEO helps employers improve staff productivity, retention and engagement by helping their employees sleep better.


Polystyvert - CLEAN TECH

Polystyvert has developed a revolutionary polystyrene recycling technology, using a dissolution process that works on all types of polystyrenes: expanded, extruded and injection molded. Our recycled product is of very high quality and can easily be re-extruded or re-injected, allowing many applications to incorporate 100% recycled materials.


Tengiva - Industry and CLEAN TECH

Tengiva is a marketplace in the textile industry which allows real-time sourcing of raw material. Tengiva connects members of the industry (textile suppliers and textile product buyers) through its platform allowing the optimization of raw materials already produced providing a positive envrionmental impact while helping small local designers gain competitive advantages


Crewdle - IT and CLEAN TECH

Crewdle is an innovative peer-to-peer video conferencing application that uses a serverless architecture to introduce breakthrough performance enhancements in terms of pricing, confidentiality, and environmental footprint.



Drop Genie is a life sciences tools startup that is using a proprietary Digital MicroFluidics (DMF) platform to perform gene editing for drug discovery using CRISPR that requires 100x fewer patient cells than current state of the art technologies.


Sense Neuro Diagnostics - MED TECH

Rapid, comprehensive stroke and traumatic brain injury detection and continuous brain monitoring


Dovetail - MEDICAL IT

Dovetail is cloud-based dental practice management software that allows dental professionals to easily manage their practice from anywhere and on any device.

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